Binance Freezes Tokens Stolen From Cryptopia

Big Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has frozen tokens which came to its wallets by the entity hacking the New Zealand exchange Cryptopia, CEO Changpeng Zhao reported on January 16 in a tweet.

Cryptopia, which is currently closed when police investigate the hack, has lost at least $ 3.6 million in cryptocurrency, sources said.

While the total amount of confiscated funds remains unconfirmed, Binance has been alerted by social media users to suspicious transactions of addresses known to be related to the theft of Cryptopia.

Zhao said the staff had quarantined the tokens that appeared to have arrived in several series: 31,320 Metal (MTL) worth $ 7,830  and 49,766 KyberNetwork (KNC) tokens valued at 6,867 at press time.

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