Coinme A US Bitcoin ATM Firm Will Be Selling Bitcoin At Coinstar Coin Counting Machines

American operator of Bitcoin ATM (BTM) Coinme has entered into a partnership agreement to sell Bitcoin (BTC) to Coinstar coin counting kiosks, the company said in a January 17 news release.

Coinme, the first BTM operator to receive a license in the US in 2014, will add thousands of locations through the move, which has already undergone integration.

CEO and co-founder Neil Bergquist commented in the press release:

“Bitcoin is now accessible through coinstar kiosks at your local grocery store, and this offering will make it even easier for consumers to participate in this dynamic new economy.”

Coinstar offers Coin-to-Cash conversion kiosks in several countries around the world. It is not known if the Bitcoin feature will expand beyond the US, while the company does not give figures on how many machines it will offer.

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