Ethereum’s Constantinople Hard-Fork faces a delay

(ETH) Ethereum’s Constantinople Hard-Fork faces a delay against a newly discovered vulnerability that will allow a reentry attack. The critical issue was discovered by the intelligent contract review company ChainSecurity and reported in a January 15 post.

According to the company report, the Constantinople upgrade will result in lower gas costs (transaction fees) for some Ethereum network operations. As an unexpected side-effect, this allegedly allows reentrancy attacks by using certain commands in smart ETH contracts.

A reentrancy vulnerability allows a potential attacker to steal the cryptocurrency from a smart contract on the network by repeatedly requesting money from it

Important Cryptocurrencies Exchanges of the United States Coinbase and Kraken are the youngest to confirm their support for Constantinople. They join other leading global industrial companies such as Binance, Huobi and OKEx. Kraken, they agrees with the developers that the fork would not be controversial

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