Get ready for Thanksgiving with our guide to food, wine and giving thanks

Lucy Waverman

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How to make the perfect bird – or go the non-traditional route

What’s the secret to a perfectly roasted turkey?

Lucy Waverman offers her tried-and-true tips for roasting a bird, starting with a dry – instead of wet – brine, followed by high-heat roasting.

What can I make with sweet potatoes? And are they the same as yams?

Both yams and sweet potatoes are nutritious, tasty and flexible in what you can make with them. Here are some recipes for sweet potatoes, including sweet potato brûlée and sweet potato and Brussels sprout hash.

What are some ideas for non-traditional meals?

Barry & Kirn/The Globe and Mail

Just in time for the holiday weekend, The Globe’s second annual Canada’s Kitchen introduces 10 of the country’s next top chefs. We’ve asked these culinary stars, each representing a different province or territory, to share dishes that capture their cooking style and sense of place. How does roasted duck breast with parsnips, hazelnuts and Niagara plums sound? Or pickerel with tomatillo and padron sauce?

Friendsgiving offers a modern take on a traditional holiday

New Yorker Emily Stephenson hosted her inaugural Friendsgiving dinner while away at college in the U.K. It was a fun occasion for a group of cash-strapped expats craving a big roast bird. She recently launched her first cookbook, The Friendsgiving Handbook, featuring 25 recipes that use fresh, local ingredients to put a modern spin on traditional dishes.

What vegetarian dish can I prepare that’s not Tofurkey?

Although it is possible to make enough vegetables to satisfy a vegetarian at dinner, Lucy Waverman advises making them feel special with a main course just for them – such as stuffed portobello mushrooms with red-wine sauce.

Twelve wines that will please a crowd

If you’re tasked with bringing wine to a festive celebration or set to host the whole shebang, here are some well-made, enjoyable selections to seek out. They cover a range of red, white and sparkling options – rosés are ideal for Thanksgiving celebrations too, writes the Globe’s new wine critic, Christopher Waters.

How to give thanks and leave dysfunctions at the door

Illustration by Drew Shannon

Drew Shannon/The Globe and Mail

How to ace Thanksgiving dinner conversations

Like any holiday that brings far-flung family members into close proximity for extended periods of time, Thanksgiving can be a fraught and imperfect occasion, despite our best efforts. Experts from various fields offer their best practices for getting through dinner unscathed – from an apology ace who walks people through testy family reunions, to a skilled debater adept at arguing without rage, to a gratitude guru on feeling this emotion more deeply, in the moment, over stuffing.

How can I encourage gratitude among Thanksgiving dinner guests?

Embedded in the very word “Thanksgiving” is the very notion of gratitude. And it’s something that lately, when I look around – in my world anyway – I see very little evidence of, David Eddie writes.

How to slow down time as the holidays fly past

If you’ve ever gone to bed after Thanksgiving dinner and felt like when you woke up snow was on the ground and it’s Christmas Eve, it’s likely because these holidays have stuck in your memory while the weeks between have been routine and, literally, forgettable. Time runs at a constant rate. Our perception of time, however, can vary wildly.

The wild turkey that captured my heart

Illustration by Chelsea O’Byrne

Kenn Richard first noticed her one fall evening. A shadow, a furtive presence, she was one big bird who’d come calling to his local park. What was an eastern American turkey doing in the middle of Toronto?

Get on the gravy train

Drippings and flour and seasoned with a bay leaf – the most important food ritual in my family involves gravy, Wendy Walters writes. On her feast table, it was a symbol of love, comfort and warmth (and made the vegetables go down easier.)

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