Investors Are Very Thoughtful About Crypto Don’t Want to Blindly Come In Because of lack Of Regulations

Sterling Witzke, partner of the Winklevoss Twins family office, Winklevoss Capital, believes that 2019 will not be the culmination of institutional investors. Witzke substantiated her claim by arguing that expectations preceded the facts on the ground.

Witzke commented during an interview at the Crypto Finance conference on January 17 in St. Moritz (Switzerland). She argued that the 2017 crypto market bull run result – when Bitcoin reached an all time high of $ 20,000 per coin – was a twisted perception of what traditional capital needed for innovation

Witzke added that while she saw many investors pondering crypto, she did not really see them take the plunge. Two factors she considered important were lack of regulatory clarity – especially in the US – and security concerns.

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