Pokemon Sword and Shield Version Differences

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This page on the Pokemon Sword and Shield Wiki Guide lists every known difference between Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, from exclusive Pokemon, to time differences, and more.

As of its official reveal, the title art for each Pokemon version has been revealed. Pokemon Sword appears with a blue-tinted sword adorned with four gems across the hilt of the sword, and a wolf-like head on the pommel of the sword.

Pokemon Shield’s title features a red-tinted shield, and also features the wolf-like head at the top of the shield, much like a coat of arms.

Exclusive Pokemon[edit]

As it is with all other Pokemon titles, both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will yield exclusive Pokemon that cannot be found in the other version. It is likely that the only way for a player to obtain these exclusives would be through trading with other players.

See all known exclusive Pokemon on the chart below.

Sword Exclusives Shield Exclusives
Deino Larvitar
Jangmo-o Goomy
Sirfetch’d Galarian Ponyta

Exclusive Legendary Pokemon[edit]

Along with regular exclusive Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon (not Mythical!) are likely catchable in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Based on previous Pokemon games, it is likely that some are only catchable in one version.

Pokemon Sword Legendary Exclusives[edit]

Zacian is the Legendary Pokemon on Pokemon Sword’s box art, though it is unknown if it will be exclusive to only Pokemon Sword.

Pokemon Shield Legendary Exclusives[edit]

Zamazenta is the Legendary Pokemon on Pokemon Shield’s box art, though it is unknown if it will be exclusive to only Pokemon Shield.

Gym Leader Exclusives[edit]

Certain towns will have different Gyms with different Gym Leaders and type specialties depending on the version you have.

Pokemon Sword Gym Leaders[edit]

In Pokemon Shield, you’ll encounter the Fighting-type Gym, lead by Gym Leader Bea.

Pokemon Shield Gym Leaders[edit]

In Pokemon Shield, you’ll encounter the Ghost-type Gym, lead by Allister.

Other Exclusives[edit]

Certain Pokemon games features exclusives beyond regular and Legendary Pokemon, as Pokemon Sun and Moon featured exclusive Totem Sized Pokemon, and Ultra Recon Squads. There may also be a Time Difference between the two games that has also been featured in previous Pokemon games.

At this time, no other information relevant to exclusives between the two versions have been made available. Check back at a later date when that information has been made available.

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