US actress Jane Fonda arrested at climate protest

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Media captionJane Fonda led away in handcuffs over protest

US actress Jane Fonda has been arrested while participating in a climate change protest in Washington DC.

The 81-year-old was filmed being escorted away by police officers as she protested outside the US Capitol building with Oil Change International, a group advocating for clean energy.

She warned that she would be getting involved in the protests and was inspired “by the incredible movement our youth have created”.

Ms Fonda has a history of protesting.

She was one of 16 people to be arrested, according to CBS News. They were all charged with crowding, obstructing or incommoding.

Ms Fonda said on her website that she had moved to Washington DC to be “closer to the epicentre of the fight for our climate”.

She vowed to protest every Friday until January to demand for action to be taken to address climate change. Ms Fonda labelled the protests “Fire Drill Fridays”.

Every evening before her protests, a panel of experts will take part in a live stream explaining the crisis to viewers, Ms Fonda said.

According to the Washington Post, she has invited leaders of Black Lives Matter and the Sunrise Movement – a group of young people who want to stop climate change and create millions of jobs in the process.

The actress has had a history of activism. She was pictured speaking at the global climate strike in Los Angeles last month.

In 2016, she spent Thanksgiving among the protesters at Standing Rock, demonstrating against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

She has also supported the Black Panthers, a radical political group that aimed to provide armed citizen patrols to monitor police behaviour and challenge police brutality in Oakland. She hosted fundraisers in her home.

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